What is Biologics Therapy?

Biologics Therapy is a regenerative type of medicine that uses the body and its cells' natural ability to treat itself. We naturally produce our own regenerative cells however as we age we may not be able to generate enough of them to effectively regenerate and heal damaged tissues and organs. Through the introduction of a very concentrated amount of regenerative cells to a damaged tissue, we can increase the potential for the body to regenerate and treat the damaged tissue and cells on its own. 

At WAM, we use perinatal regenerative cells for this process. Perinatal regenerative cells are those that are derived from placental blood and tissue, umbilical cord blood and tissue, and the amniotic tissue and amniotic fluid after child birth. These perinatal regenerative cells have been shown to repair various tissues and organs through their ability to healthy and new cell growth. 

There are many applications of Biologics Therapy to treat diseased or damaged tissues in the fields of orthopedics, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.