IV Therapies

Methylene Blue

Methylene blue helps mitochondrial respiration and improves brain energy metabolism. By doing that, it can improve cognitive performance and prevent neurodegeneration. It is also a very powerful strategy to improve your mitochondria, which generates the vast majority of the energy your cells produce from food. Methylene blue is the parent molecule for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, off-patent drugs commonly used to treat not only malaria but also COVID-19. Methylene blue has been shown to help with viral, bacterial, and fungal infectious conditions. 


NAD+ is an essential coenzyme that boosts mitochondria and is involved in metabolic, neurological, muscular, and cellular repair processes. It is believed that the loss of NAD+ as time passes plays a major role in the aging process, leading to common symptoms like cognitive decline, heart related issues and slowing metabolic function. Further, NAD+ increases your body’s levels of serotonin which can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and brain fog. This rejuvenating treatment has also been shown to help with addiction recovery and symptoms of withdrawal.

Vitamin IV Drips

Whether it is a combination of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Sodium and more or just one of these powerful vitamins or minerals, Vitamin IV drips are a fantastic way to quickly rejuvenate the body where it may be lacking in essential micronutrients. Vitamin IV drips can help you boost immune function, provide your body with natural energy, aid in the recovery process, alleviate the symptoms of a hangover and get you back to feeling like your best self again. Call for a free consultation to see what Vitamin IV is best for you.


The Hydration IV provides your body with vitamins, electrolytes and replenishing liquids. This IV is great both before and or after events where you will be depleting the body’s hydration and electrolyte levels. Whether you have been dealing with heat related illness, excessive alcohol consumption, jetlag, vomiting and diarrhea, or excessive sweating, the Hydration IV is a great way to get your body back on track. 


Peptide IV drips give the body the tools it needs to heal itself. Peptides are naturally occurring sequences of amino acids that act as a signal for the building blocks of our DNA, genes, neural tissue and hormones. When injected into the body they signal messages to achieve specific desired outcomes. Patients use Peptide IV therapy for a wide range of goals including resetting their biological clock, balancing hormones, enhancing growth hormone production, improving sex drive, reducing anxiety and depression, treating obesity, reducing inflammation, improving cognition and more. 


Glutathione or otherwise known as the “master antioxidant” plays a very big role in immune function as well as the anti-aging process. Glutathione fights disease by binding to free radicals in the body and helping expedite the process of removing them from your system. Not only is it impactful with disease by binding to free radicals, it also helps control and reduce high levels of inflammation through this radical reduction. By eliminating the ‘bad guys’ and helping with cellular repair as well as encouraging mitochondrial growth, glutathione helps slow down the aging process too. Glutathione is not very effective when ingested orally as stomach enzymes break down the molecule before it can be absorbed which is why a glutathione IV drip is the most ideal way to deliver this special antioxidant to your body.

Myers’ Cocktail

The late John Myers, MD was the first to introduce this special vitamin and mineral formula. This formula typically combines B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, magnesium and saline. This treatment was designed with the goal of treating clinical conditions including fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, migraines, asthma and more. This high-dose antioxidant cocktail that contains other nutrients and immune boosting factors is commonly used by individuals who have weakened immune systems or diseases that reduce immune function, however it can be used by those looking to enhance their cellular function.

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IV Therapies are one of the best ways to get your body back to optimal function. Depending on your condition or specific goals there is usually an IV that is best for you. Please reach out to schedule a free consultation so we can help you match you with the best treatment plan.